Wedding photography captured with LOVE. It takes more than technical expertise to create exceptional Wedding Images, it takes more than luck, it takes more than having a skill in lighting and posing, it takes more than good people management, it takes more than attention to takes ALL of these things but most of all it takes LOVE!. It’s the big day, love is in the air, smiles are all around, the clinking of champagne flutes, the string quartet’s romantic music is blowing in the wind. Kisses, hugs, laughter and tears all mingle in a love filled day. The bride enters, looking her very best, because she knows that she is ready to step into the next enticing phase of her life. The nervous and excited groom gets ready to welcome his bride into his family. Cheerful greetings ensue, hearty laughter comes from the mingling guests, children playing and clinking glasses echo through the venue. The wedding day is the most special day of a girl’s life.......don’t leave the memories to chance! 

46 High Street  .  Innerleithen  .   EH44 6HF

07794 993518

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